Der Unterschied

Zwischen uns beiden ist, das du das ohne nachzudenken getan hast. Und ich das auch ohne nachzudenken nicht getan hätte.

In a way it’s all
A matter of time.
I will not worry for you.
You’ll be just fine.

Take my thoughts with you,
And when you look behind,
You will surely see a
Face that you recognize.

Here is the distance
That makes life a little hard.
Two minds that once were close -
Now, so many miles apart.

- Olive

Ich erkenn hier nichts wieder
Alles müde und alt
und ich male uns beide
als Umriss aus Kreide
auf den Asphalt

- Wir sind Helden

When I see your face
It just tears me up inside
I want to run I want to shake off this feeling
Feeling I have for you

Why can’t you let me go
What did I ever do to you
Why can’t you let me know
What did I ever do to you

Broken dreams and broken faces
I’ve run all the darkest races
Get out of me, respect what I say
Get out of me, you hurt me everyday

Oh how I miss you
I miss you there

Always thought I could ditch you
But oh I can’t ditch you
You know I always love sleeping
Now I’m just weeping

Oh how I wake up scared
My breath you left me

- The Rapture

Cause if things had changed
I would have buried you deep in my heart
And if things had stayed the same
I would have carried you as far as the sky
Far far away 

Whatever has us now
I can’t forget somehow
For to forget a love is to regret

- Future Islands

We were lovers

We were lovers


My fingertips are holding
Onto the cracks in our foundation
And I know that I should let go but I can’t
And every time we fight
I know it’s not right

I know I should forget but I can’t


— Kate Nash 
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Philippe Parreno

The Boy From Mars

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